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  1. How can I return an order?

    To process the return of an order, go online and complete the form to receive an RMA number which you must tape on the package. Return to the following address:

    SaaSoh Inc
    Suite # 1,
    470 Hollenbeck Street,
    Rochester, NY 14621.

    You can also call our customer service representative on 866-500-9253 to process returns. We do not pay or reimburse you for the shipping costs incurred for returning an order unless the product you receive is damaged or defective.

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  2. If my order included a gift from SaaSoh then can I return the order but keep the gift?

    You will be required to return the entire order including the gift if you decide to return the order and get a refund. If you choose to keep the gift, then we will deduct the retail price of the gift and refund the rest of the amount.

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  3. What are your fabric care instructions?

    We have carefully written out the fabric care instructions for different fabrics in the following URL:Fabric-care

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  4. How can I find out the dimensions of the products I want to order?

    Click on the product you want to order and then check under the description for the dimensions of the product.

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  5. Are your products washable?

    Most of the products are washable. If any of them cannot be washed, then it will be clearly mentioned under product details.

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  6. Are all items certified?

    Absolutely! SaaSoh firmly believes in providing very high-quality, luxury bed and bath linen to its customers. This is why we source all our products from manufacturers who embrace responsible manufacturing processes and who ensure appropriate certifications for all their products.

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  7. How can I use a gift card?

    At the time of making the payment, you will notice an option that allows you to use gift cards. You can make a purchase equivalent to or more than the amount of the gift card. We do not reimburse the rest of the money on the gift card if your purchase amount is less than the amount on the gift card.

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  8. Where do I enter my promo code?

    You will have the opportunity to enter the promo code before you make the payment. Once you enter the code, you will get a confirmation on the screen that your promo code has been accepted, and the discount or cash back will be applied to the order.

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